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Indulging in an irresistible sweet treat is a pleasure that many people seek out from time to time. Whether it’s a nostalgic experience or an out-of-this-world sensation, consumers are driven to experiment with confections that offer a range of tastes, textures and aromas. In the world of confectionery, this desire is perfectly satisfied. But even here, consumers around the world are increasingly aware of their snacking choices and have become more mindful of their health and well-being, particularly since the first wave of the pandemic in 2020.


Not surprisingly, market research regularly reveals that consumers are concerned about their sugar intake. In the UK, 32% of chocolate eaters would try a new product if it contained less sugar (source: Mintel GNPD). What’s more, they are increasingly aware of the responsible aspects of their consumption, with the emphasis on transparency and natural ingredients making a mark on the sweets industry.


Chocolate is all about pleasure. Some people are even addicted to it!
Some of us need however a permission to indulge. That’s why we should focus on all the benefits of cocoa and not on sugar. Higher cocoa formulae will turn the fats lower, but for sugar there are multiple options.

Reduce the sugar content with the natural sugar replacer FIBRULINE™ S30 for best mouthfeel or Instant by replacing sugar 1:1.
And when people need to manage their diabetes, FIBRULINE™ S30 can substitute part of the maltitol or other polyols in combination or not with intense sweeteners and avoid excessive laxative warning claims.

But chocolate is more than a snack! Chocolate can be used in many products … as a coating, as inclusions in bars or cereal preps, … name it ! Rebalancing chocolate turning sugars into fibres with FIBRULINE™ is one option.
PISANE™ B9 will not only provide you a boost in plant proteins but also replace some of the sugar.

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Application Confectionery Chocolate

Gums and jellies

Gums and jellies are a treat for kids and older ones! But gums are also a perfect format for a supplement.

Indeed, a handy format to dose you missing nutrients such as vitamins and minerals and or active compounds.

FIBRULOSE™ LCF or alternatively FIBRULINE™ S30 will be the perfect 1:1 sugar replacer as a label friendly carrier. But shouldn’t you expect more from your dietary supplement? Indeed, chicory root fibres contribute to fill the fibre as a perfect fibre and vitamin complex supplement and/or contribute to bolster your inner defenses in combination with vitamins and minerals thanks to its extensive science as a recognized unique prebiotic ingredient.

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Application Supplements and meal replacers Gummies

Table top sweetener

Are you looking for a vegan alternative to honey, or following a keto diet and craving a touch of sweetness? Perhaps you’re looking to combat constipation by promoting regular intestinal transit, or simply looking for a healthier sweetener. Look no further, as these products may be perfect for you.

Each delectable drip of sweet alternative contains FIBRULOSE™ LCF chicory root fibre. And it contains, for example, only half the calories found in honey, making it hard to believe that it’s also highly beneficial to your well-being. What’s more, it helps manage blood sugar levels.

In powder, to combine with erythritol and stevia, FIBRULINE™ S30 chicory root fibre, offers you a 1:1 spoonable sugar replacer to sprinkle on your favourite food options or even use as a sugar replacer for your baker skills. It will delicately contribute to fill the fibre gap while reducing our excessive sugar appetite.

You can enjoy this product every day, as it complements both cold and hot drinks, including smoothies. Whether spread on toast or pancakes, or used as an ingredient in cooking and baking, it offers delicious versatility. Enjoy it without reservation or worry, as it guarantees a guilt-free experience thanks to FIBRULINE™ chicory root fiber.

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Looking for a healthy chocolate spread?

Say goodbye to added sugars without compromising on taste. With FIBRULINE™ S30, we retain the delicious flavor you crave while reducing the overall sugar content, making it an ideal choice for those looking to reduce their sugar intake and turn it into invisible fibres.

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COSUCRA’s experts spend every day developing excellent recipes on FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre for cake fillings e.g. with chocolate or vanilla flavour. The fillings preserve a delicious soft taste without changing the water activity as well as an excellent melting behaviour in the mouth.
PISANE™ B9 will not only provide you a boost in plant proteins but also replace some of the sugar.

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