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NASTAR™ pea starch ingredient’s brochure

NASTAR™ is a native starch extracted from yellow pea that has a high amylose content, unique gelling and thickening properties while having a neutral taste. It can be used in a variety of applications, such as bakery, sauces, extruded products and savoury products.

PeaNASTAR™ pea starchFunctional performancesPlant-based
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SWELITE™ pea fibre ingredient’s brochure

SWELITE™ is an insoluble pea fibre with competitive benefits. By bringing sensory properties and quality nutrients, SWELITE™ is the performing solution for most of savoury applications, dairy specialties and bakery fillings.

PeaSWELITE™ pea fibreFunctional performancesPlant-based
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PISANE™ pea protein ingredient’s brochure

From non-dairy to plant-based meat, from kids to senior, from regular composition to fortified in protein, PISANE™ is the reference pea protein you need for healthy, tasty and sustainable end-products. Suitable for both nutrition-health and plant-based products, this nutritious protein is the perfect alternative plant protein. In 3 words, PISANE™ is all about: nutrition, functionalities and sustainability.

PeaPISANE™ pea proteinFunctional performancesHealth & NutritionPlant-basedRebalance the nutritional profile
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FIBRULINE™, chicory root fibre, ingredient’s brochure

FIBRULINE™, chicory root fibre or chicory inulin, is an easy-to-use dietary fibre obtained from chicory roots. While being certified as a naturally-sourced ingredient, it has several health and nutritional benefits as for example fibre enrichment, improvement of digestive health and sugar and fat substitute.

ChicoryFIBRULINE™ chicory root fibreFunctional performancesHealth & NutritionPlant-basedRebalance the nutritional profile
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COSUCRA corporate brochure

COSUCRA believes in the future of food. We are commited to promote a modern, healthy and sustainable nutrition by  concentrating the benefits of nature in easy-to-use, integrated solutions that respect consumer choices. 

ChicoryPeaFIBRULINE™ chicory root fibreNASTAR™ pea starchPISANE™ pea proteinSWELITE™ pea fibreFunctional performancesHealth & NutritionPlant-basedRebalance the nutritional profile
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