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The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2021 reports that the world is not on track to achieve global targets for any of the nutrition indicators by 2030.

1.9 billion adults are affected by overweight and obesity. At least 2.8 million people each year die as a result of overweight or obese, and unhealthy diets cause 11 million deaths per year. At the same time, nearly 3 billion people cannot afford a healthy diet. Time to act!

Tackling the growth in obesity is critical to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) target 3.4: to reduce by one third premature mortality from Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) by 2030.

Today more than ever, consumers are aware that poor nutrition can lead to health complications such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other heart diseases. WHO has stated that consumers need specific, standardised, and full information about products they consume to make clear healthier choices.

While people are being more critical about what they consume as they are looking for balance, moderation, and wellness, some initiatives are coming to the market to help consumers better understand what they eat by highlighting nutritional values and elements to limit (calories, saturated fat, sugars, and salt) and those to favour (fibre, proteins, fruit and vegetables, pulses, and nuts):

Market Rebalance the nutri profile SDG - 3 good health and well being


  • Front-of-pack labellings (FOPL) like Nutri-Score in EU, Warning labels throughout many South American countries, Healthy Star Rating in India & Pacific, multiple Traffic Light systems combined or not with Healthier Choice Labels, etc.
  • Food scanning digital applications analysing food products on their smartphone


This has an impact on the food industry, which need to reformulate food products to have a better-balanced profile.

At COSUCRA, we are aware of the role we must play! You can gain consumers’ trust by meeting their expectations and by contributing actively to their balanced healthy lifestyle through indulgent food with our naturally sourced plant-based ingredients FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre, PISANE™ pea protein, and EXAFINE™ pea full fibre:




Fibre fortification

Fibre is essential to have a healthy diet and it plays an essential role when rebalancing the nutritional profile of your favourite food. But, in most countries, we are stuck in the fibre gap; meaning fibre intake is below the recommended levels of 25-40g a day (depending on local regulation). Yet they provide many health benefits. In addition to digestive health improvement, fibre is beneficial to:


  • reduce risk of cardiovascular and heart disease, diabetes, some type of cancers
  • maintain bowel health
  • control blood sugar levels
  • reach a healthy weight
  • improve energy intake
Markets Rebalance the nutritional profile Fibre fortification Family Drinking Milk During Breakfast At Home

Our ingredient FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre provides both nutritional and health benefits for a wide range of food applications and dietary supplements. Obtained from chicory root thanks to a natural process, this highly soluble easy-to-use fibre provides over 90% dietary fibre. FIBRULINE™ is strongly recommended for soluble fibre enrichment.

Our ingredient EXAFINE™ pea hull fibre is a naturally sourced cost-effective insoluble fibre for easy fibre fortification of baked goods and extruded snacks. In combination with FIBRULINE™ soluble fibres they will contribute to meet fibre recommendations of 1/3 soluble and 2/3 insoluble fibres.


Consumer awareness has led to new nutrition behaviour favouring products supplemented with protein or food options managing allergens and intolerances. Thanks to their high protein content and unique functionalities, the different PISANE™ pea protein references meet the requirements of these different type of consumer products: 


  • Up to 86% of protein content
  • 98% digestible
  • Organoleptic qualities ensuring excellent taste and texture
  • Improved nutrient profile
Market Rebalance Protein supplementation Pesto


Sugar is a source of energy, and most diets contain too much added sugars. Excessive consumption can yet result in health complications such as overweight, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and hyperactivity. Today, there are more than 537 million adults living with diabetes every day, and the number of children and adolescents living with the disease is increasing every year.

According to WHO guideline, adults and children should therefore reduce their daily intake of sugars* to less than 10% of their total energy intake and the organization even encourage a reduction to less than 5% (roughly 25 grams). 

*It refers to monosaccharides (such as glucose, fructose) and disaccharides (such as sucrose or table sugar) added to foods and drinks by the manufacturer, cook or consumer, and sugar naturally present in honey, syrups, fruit juices and fruit juices concentrates. This guideline does not refer in fresh fruits and vegetables, and sugars naturally present in milk.

Market Rebalance Sugar reduction Donuts

FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre is an ideal ingredient to replace sugar:


  • Caloric value of 2kcal/gram versus 4 kcal/gram for free sugars
  • A natural sugar replacer: sugar-like properties and mild sweet taste
  • Does not increase blood glucose levels and glycaemic response
  • Does not contain added sugars

Discover our FIBRULOSE™ and FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibres to see how you can swap added sugars into nutritious fibres without compromise on taste, texture or mouthfeel or go to your intended application.


Fat is an important macronutrient that we need to consume to be healthy: they give our body energy, support cell growth, absorb vitamins, and protect our heart and brain health. But fats are also caloric with 9 kcal/gram, making them the most energy rich component of food. When consumed in too much quantity, it can lead to overweight and obesity.

Not all fats are bad. Limiting our intake of saturated fats and trans fats can help improve our health, if replaced with good nutrients like chicory root fibres, rather than refined carbs. With only 2 kcal/gram, FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre influences the texture with a gel structure binding water and chicory root fibre to improve mouthfeel and realize a fat-like or fat mimetic effect.

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World Health Organisation (WHO) made it clear: reducing sodium intake is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve health and reduce the number of deaths as reducing for instance the sodium intake by 30% by 2025 is a program at very low cost. On average we consume over 4mg salt every day, twice the recommended amount of the WHO.

Food transition towards an affordable and more planet friendly diet brings many challenges for formulators. We need to act by offering a protein transition offering the right salts contents. The new PISANE™ pea protein range is a response to this from (plant-based) savoury and dairy alternatives to protein fortified products.

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