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Dairy products

Previously, consumers turned to plant-based because of their commitment to animal welfare, sustainability and the environment, making it a niche market.

Today, thanks to the food transition that is now part and parcel of our consumption patterns, this market is becoming increasingly mainstream. 


It’s up to us to meet this challenge by making plant-based more accessible in terms of price, quality and nutrition.

Our aim: to offer healthy, sustainable products that are as close to the dairy experience as possible: PISANE™ pea protein, FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre and SWELITE™ pea fibre are the answer to this objective.


The share of immunity claims among dairy drink launches has steadily increased in recent years, rising from 8% of category launches in 2017 to 10% in 2022. Fortification in vitamins allow in some regions to make immunity related claims. Due to the strong connection in consumers mind between digestive health and immunity, we can play an important role in new product development with chicory root fibre. Thanks to FIBRULINE™ Instant, your preparation will be enriched with fibre and will be beneficial to the health of your bones. With a neutral taste and no effect on the appearance of your application, the texture will remain creamy and stable throughout heat treatment and during the shelf-life.

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More and more, the yoghurt market is adding a digestive health dimension to provide additional benefits to those already available. To fortify your white mass preparations with fibre, FIBRULINE™ Instant is the best candidate. To reduce fat, it can be combined with FIBRULINE™ XL

Want to add a gourmet touch to your yoghurts without adding too much sugar? With FIBRULOSE™ LCF or FIBRULINE™ S30chicory root fibres in your fruit or cereal preparations, you’ll rebalance 1:1 the added sugars into nutritious even prebiotic fibres. 

Want to make them light & free, we can fix the job with the fruit prep in combination with high intensity sweeteners. On top of carving the sugars into nutritious fibres FIBRULOSE™ LCF or FIBRULINE™ S30 chicory root fibres will mask their typical off-notes.

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Our aim at COSUCRA is to offer you opportunities to rebalance your desserts: less calories, fat and sugar, more fibre this is what we want to achieve. FIBRULINE™ Instant and FIBRULINE™ XL in function of process temperatures are the perfect candidates for rebalancing the nutritional profile of your desserts.

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Application Dairy and ND Dairy Dessert

Ice Cream

Indulge with permission! One of the trends that has been growing steadily since 2018 is the use of chicory root fibre in frozen desserts and ice creams. Chicory root allows consumers to indulge their sweet tooth without feeling guilty, reducing fat and sugar, cutting calorie content and entering the low carbs and keto market. 

With FIBRULOSE™ LCF, you can reduce the sugar level in your applications by 30% without reducing the sweet feel. Combined with intensive sweeteners, the sugar reduction will be stronger without altering the taste of your finished products. 

With FIBRULINE™ Instant or FIBRULINE™ XL in function of process temperatures, you will reduce the fat and increase the creamy texture of your gourmet applications.

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Application Dairy and ND Dairy Ice cream


There are many types of cheese in the world. One of the most popular is fresh cheese, but it can be very fatty and not very advantageous nutritionally. Thanks to FIBRULINE™ XL, rebalance your fresh cheese by adding fibre to reduce the fat (nearly 30%) and [link to reduce fat section]in your preparation. Thanks to FIBRULINE™ XL and its fat-mimetic effect, we’ve been able to retain the creamy feel of the cheese in the mouth and reduce the fat content without affecting the texture of the cheese. It will improve your front of pack rating. 

Certain fresh cheeses are also used in preparations and fillings such as pasta fillings or bakery fillings. To improve functional performance, texture and yield, SWELITE™ C is your best ally. This long-lasting pea will have no impact on the colour of your cheese and will improve the mouthfeel. SWELITE™ Cis the perfect candidate to manage the release of water in your preparation and thus maintain pleasant textures improving the sensory experience of your consumer.

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Non-Dairy products

Plant-based drink

For a smooth, sediment-free texture in your plant-based drinks, think PISANE™ LS and PISANE™ LS Premium! From mainstream to high protein content, those ready-to-drink beverages are tasty and creamy and offers consumers a true plant-based journey. 

Thanks to good hydration, your drinks will be homogenous, disperse in cold water and resist heat treatment. Your drink will also be stable during heat treatment and storage.

PISANE™ LS and PISANE™ LS Premium can be combined with a variety of flavours and other vegetable sources.

The addition of FIBRULINE™ Instant or FIBRULINE™ XL will provide solubility and good dispersibility. It will also provide a creamy mouthfeel and will have no impact on appearance. This addition of insoluble fibre will enable you to rebalance the nutritional profile of your drink, without adding sugars.

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Innovations in creamers are on the increase: +124% more new cream and creamers with the vegan label were launched on the market in 2020. Industry plays on plant bases, flavours and nutritional composition to make their products unique!

COSUCRA offers you an allergen-free plant solution to give your products a creamy texture thanks to its emulsifying properties: PISANE LS™.

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Plant-based dessert

One of the challenges in dessert applications is to achieve a smooth, shiny and creamy texture. Desserts don’t need to be over-starchy, fatty or sugary. Make them indulgent with permission. PISANE™ LS provides you the right creamy texture and offers a balanced nutritious protein. 

FIBRULINE™ Instant or FIBRULINE™ XL (in function of process temperature) will provide the fatty mouthfeel dairy offers, while FIBRULINE™ S30 will tackle the sugar front.

Be tempted by our plant-based chocolate dessert cream for kids!

Creamy desserts are also a good option for our seniors suffering from malnutrition.

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Plant-based yogurt

The plant-based yogurt category is really evolving from some years: from mainstream to high protein, from coconut and oat to plant bases combination, from plain to fruity, spoonable and drinking formats. The plant-based yogurt has to be attractive for all the family!

PISANE™ LS and PISANE™ LS Premium will enable you to obtain optimum growing and fermentation conditions with no impact on texture or taste and with a minimum of 0.5% sugars. In terms of formulation, PISANE™ LS and PISANE™ LS Premium can be combined with other vegetable bases or fruit- or cereal-based preparations to add different flavours to your gourmet applications.

Use FIBRULINE™ Instant to help fortify your yoghurt with fibre or use FIBRULINE™ XL to reduce fat and increase creamy mouthfeel without affecting fermentation. Yogurt cultures will not hydrolyse chicory fructans.

In fruit preparations, FIBRULINE™ S30 and FIBRULOSE™ LCF will improve the impact of your dessert on digestive health by reducing sugar. Both are ingredients with high solubility.

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Plant-based cheese

Peas are one of the most popular raw materials for the formulation of plant-based cheese. Using pea protein, industry can formulate processed cheese as well as plant-based fermented cheese. Thanks to its fermentable properties, its solubility and emulsifying properties, PISANE™ LS is the ideal plant protein to produce a creamy and smooth fresh cheese or to fortify plant-based cheese in protein.

Craving for cheese? Be tempted by our plant-based feta or our foamed cream cheese with garlic and herbs.

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