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Our food system is not sustainable: global warming, pollution, waste, loss of biodiversity, and disease. The economic context doesn’t allow us to access more sustainable food either: 2 out of 5 people on our planet cannot afford a healthy diet. We are suffering today from what we created yesterday.


The part of this food transition could be to decrease our consumption and leverage the quality of our food. Food is not only for nutrients but also for pleasure, with new tastes and textures to expand our sensory palette. We need to rebalance animal and plant to move towards a sustainable food supply: the FAO recommends a balance of 50/50.

Plant-based is a part of the solution. By offering plant-based alternatives to animal-based products, we believe in the evolution of the trend to create an affordable and sustainable future. More and more, plants are providing the nutrients needed for a balanced diet, while keeping the sensory experience at the heart of the challenge. Providing fibre, enriching protein, boosting nutritional qualities, plants are at the service of nutrition to improve your positioning.

At COSUCRA, we want to be part of this transition by bringing our own sustainable, locally sourced ingredients to the table. With the help of FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre, PISANE™ pea protein, SWELITE™ pea fibre, NASTAR™ pea starch, and EXAFINE™ pea hull fibre plant-based will contribute to this dietary transition by providing quality and accessibility while ensuring the consumer’s taste and sensory experience.

Plant-based meat and fish

Replacing meat and fish is one of the most challenging. Consumers want a taste and sensory experience as close as possible to that of an animal product, with the same nutritional value and at an equivalent or even lower cost. In 2022, more than 2700 new products using pea protein in this market. To take things a step further, the burger is the format that has been launched the most over the past 4 years in all countries: more than a trend, it’s a future we need to consider.

PISANE™ M9, FIBRULOSE™ XL and FIBRULINE™ Instant offers you a way to rebalance the nutritional profile of your products. By adding SWELITE™, NASTAR™, NASTAR™ Instant and EXAFINE™, functional properties will be enhanced.

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Plant based fish burger

Plant-based beverage

Highlighting inherent and added nutritional qualities can appeal to 52% of the adults in the US who are purchasing more non-dairy milk because they think it’s healthier.
Plant based beverages comes to being seen as a good source of nutrients. In the UK, 1 out of 4 consumers think almonds and oats are good sources of nutrients. This opens the way to ingredient blends offering a better nutritional profile, enabling plant-based beverages to better compete with traditional and new animal-free milks.
At COSUCRA, we enrich your beverages with sustainable, local yellow pea proteins offering functional properties that meet industry challenges. The PISANE™ range will have an impact on the solubility of your applications in terms of hydration, stability during heat treatment and shelf life. PISANE™, will have no difficulty in being combined with other plant-based sources. As the nutritional profile is important, you can enrich your plant-based beverages with FIBRULINE™, to rebalance the front-of-pack.

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Plant Based Beverage Milk

Plant-based desserts

One of the biggest challenges in the plant-based dessert market lies in the technical nature of the applications. The sensory experience of the consumer is an important demand: taste and texture must not be altered.

Sugar reduction can also be a reason for consumer choice: in France, 68.8% of consumers (source : 2022_FMCG Gurus – IMU676 Consumer Data) who say they are changing their diet reduce their sugar intake.

Plant-based frozen dessert

In terms of frozen desserts, we offer several ingredients to meet these challenges:


  • FIBRULOSE™ LCF enables a 30% sugar reduction without altering the taste.
  • With PISANE™, the texture will be perfect thanks to the incorporation of air during freezing: texture and taste will be assured!
Plant based Frozen dessert Ice cream

Plant-based yogurt

Yogurt offers have exploded in recent years, but coconut-based yogurt remains the market leader.
Little by little, the market is reinventing itself to offer new bases for attracting new consumers. New bases, nutritional intake, improved technologies to obtain new textures closer to demand: these are the challenges of plant-based yoghurt. At COSUCRA, we offer PISANE™ pea protein as the answer to these questions. On its own or as a fortification for another base, it can improve the nutritional profile while providing an additional source of protein.

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Plant-based-yogurt strawberry yogurt in white plastic cup with spoon on wooden white background.

Plant-based cheese

The plant-based cheese market is one of the most dynamic: it has almost doubled in 5 years. In North America, this market has grown x5, while in Europe, plant-based cheese is ranked top 1. This increase is due to consumer demand for dairy alternatives, whether for animal welfare reasons or because of intolerances. Offers are therefore adapted to these consumers in search of new flavours, and numerous labels have been created to make it easier for them to read the packaging. The multitude of cheese types on the market allows for expansion and renewal.

To meet this exponential demand, we offer PISANE™ pea protein to bring all the functionality for the right texture, while supporting the protein content a cheese deserves for any vegetarian, flexitarian and vegan. We built years of experience in fermentation with the right vegan ferments for a large panel of cheeses.
To rebalance the nutritional profile, FIBRULINE™ is perfect for a natural intake of soluble fibre while offering fat mimetic properties in fresh plant-based cheese


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Plant based Cheese Feta

Plant-based bakery

The bakery industry needs to adapt its offer to new consumer needs. Beyond simply wanting vegan products, some consumers want to change their eating habits, and that starts with moderating their consumption of animal-based products. As a result, consumers are looking for sugar reduction and fibre enrichment in this sector, rather than focusing on labels that are too niche for the sector (vegan).

The FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre range is the perfect answer to this problem, rebalancing the nutritional profile of these applications, thanks to partial fat replacement, and carving out sugars into nutritious fibres. PISANE™ B9 will be ideal for its functional properties such as its low affinity with water which will bring a dough texture and improving the baking process.

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Plant based Bakery

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COSUCRA corporate brochure

COSUCRA believes in the future of food. We are commited to promote a modern, healthy and sustainable nutrition by concentrating the benefits of nature in easy-to-use, integrated solutions that respect consumer choices.

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Enjoy a smooth and creamy beverage for your coffee or your breakfast cereals with FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre and PISANE™ pea protein. Tasty and creamy, just like milk!

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Concept plant-based feta

Enjoy all the flavours of Greece in cubes of plant-based white cheese with FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre and PISANE™ pea protein.

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Concept plant-based kefir immunity shot

Start the day with a slow fermented oat kefir style shot with FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre and PISANE™ pea protein.

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Planty and juicy, discover these nutriscore A plant-based meatballs made with PISANE™ pea protein, SWELITE™ pea fibre and NASTAR™ pea starch. 

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Concept plant-based salmon

Have an ocean of possibilities with this plant-based salmon with FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre, PISANE™ pea protein and NASTAR™ pea starch!

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