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Supplements & meal replacers


Healthy food and beverage options should be all we need. Reality is however different. 

Depending on our dietary habits and condition we all may have a need for meal replacers and supplements. Discover our solutions !

Powder blends

With PISANE™ pea protein and FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre you have the right tools to create powder blends from an instant powder drink to a supplement or meal replacer. Weight management, sport nutrition, healthy ageing, medical nutrition or just your daily extra, we have the right tools.

They are nutrient dense and easy to disperse powders on top of being unique plant based ingredients produced in dry mix high care facilities. Our traceability from farm to powder is part of our DNA to bring the wealth of nature.

Did you know?

Particularly rich in proteins and 98% digestible (such as soya protein), PISANE™ C9 pea protein presents a very interesting nutritional profile:


  • High branched amino acid content (especially leucine)
  • Rich in arginine
  • Rich in iron
  • Very low content of anti-nutritional factors
  • Pea protein is not on the list of major allergens

PISANE™ LS pea protein is ideal for powder blends thanks to:



  • Excellent source of plant-based protein
  • Label friendly
  • Great solubility
  • Easy reconstitution

We’ll support your developments in combining the unique taste of PISANE™ LS with your favourite flavours thanks to our extensive experience with world’s greatest flavourists.

FIBRULINE™ Instant and S30 chicory root fibre are ideal for powder blends thanks to:


  • Excellent source of plant-based fibre
  • Label friendly 
  • Great solubility
  • Easy reconstitution

Did you know?

Prebiotic soluble fibre, FIBRULINE™ Instant & S30 chicory root fibre are:


  • One of the only true prebiotics recognized by the International Scientific Association of Pro-and Prebiotics ISAPP based on science
  • Offers many health and structure function claims in many geographies, including in EU, US, ID, CN, …
  • 100% fermented in the gut and contributes to the modulation of your gut micriobiota providing multiple health benefits
  • Supports appetite content, satiety
  • Supports bonehealth through mineral absorption
  • Supports your inner defenses and contributes to your immunity
  • Free from added sugars and supports blood glucose management

Babyfood formulae

FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre, inulin and polyfructose, as well as FIBRULOSE™ chicory root fibre, oligofructose belong to the inulin-type fructans, also know as FOS. They are part of the solution to mimic mother milk oligosaccharides in babyfood formulae for those who did not deserve to have breastmilk.

Indeed, since nothing will replace fully mother milk. Combined with GOS ( galacto-oligosacharides), HMO ( human milk oligosachharides obtained by precision fermentation) or probiotics, they are well recognized by the industry leaders as well as the national regulatory authorities based on peer reviewed science.

Yes, we are proud to even nourish our most vulnerable ones from their very first days!

Application Supplements and meal replacer-Babyfood formulae

Tablet chews

Processing tablet chews can be some time difficult due to the technical challenges it implies: powder density, low hygroscopicity, water activity (combination with biotics), good compaction behaviour, good shape, low friability, disintegration time, nice taste, etc.

FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre is easy-to-use in food supplements looking for example soluble dietary fibre enrichment thanks to its good wettability and solubility. Thanks to its good compaction behaviour, low hygroscopicity and neutral taste, it can be used as:


  • Prebiotic active ingredient with high fibre content
  • Low calorie filler binder with only 2kcal/g
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Processability, texture of finished products, colour/transparency, acid stability, nice taste…those are the difficulties we can meet when processing supplements gummies. FIBRULOSE™ LCF chicory root fibre can help in solving these challenges:


  • Perfect ingredient for sugar reduction
  • Proven prebiotic fibre
  • High solubility
  • Stability in process and over shelf-life
  • Easy-to-use

A versatile confectionery format.

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Application Supplements and meal replacers Gummies