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Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements can be divided into three large categories: powder mixtures, tablets, and gums. In addition to the nutritional performance expected of these dietary supplements, they represent real technical challenges in terms of formulation. 

Do you know for example what the main problem is in creating a powder blend? It is processing a free-flowing powder that dissolves easily, that makes no lumps when it is reconstituted, and does not change in terms of colour or taste. A huge challenge that FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre and PISANE™ pea protein are able to meet! Find out here their potential as food supplements.


FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre is easy to use in food supplements (for example, soluble dietary fibre enrichment) thanks to its good wettability and solubility. It can either be used as a prebiotic active ingredient or a filler binder for direct compacted tablets. On top of that it is also an invisible fibre with no impact on taste or colour.


Particularly rich in proteins and 98% digestible (such as soya protein), PISANE™ C9 pea protein presents a very interesting nutritional profile:

  • High branched amino acid content (especially leucine)
  • Rich in arginine
  • Rich in iron
  • Very low content of anti-nutritional factors
  • Pea protein is not on the list of major allergens


PISANE™ C9 pea protein is a protein dedicated to food supplements in the form of powder. Its balanced nutritional profile and its high level of essential amino acids make it a protein of choice to enrich protein supplements.

Formulate products in powder form using PISANE™ C9? Nothing is easier thanks to its great solubility and easy reconstitution. Lastly, the unique taste of PISANE™ means you can use it in a wide range of products in powder form.

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