The applications

More and more consumers are choosing products over others to protect their health. They are also increasingly mindful of their choice, by opting for products from short food supply chain producers or using as many natural ingredients as possible and avoiding ultra-processed products… However, a healthy product should not imply that there is less pleasure in eating it.

Do you produce foods for the food or nutrition & health markets? COSUCRA can help you bring innovation to your applications, by offering natural, healthy, functional and high value-added ingredients to improve your products while meeting the expectations of today’s consumers!

In support of our customers and prospects, we at COSUCRA pool all our in-house resources (including a dedicated R&D department) to imagine new manufacturing processes, ingredients and concepts. From beverages to baked goods, dairy products to high quality health food, to name but a few examples, our experts are constantly collaborating with our customers to develop new or improved recipes that will match consumer demand even better.

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