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Baked goods, bars, fillings, cereals and pasta

Application Baked goods Bars Fillings Cereals and Pasta

The smell of a freshly oven-baked product put a smile on many people’s faces. Unfortunately, these tasteful products mostly have a less attractive nutritional profile if we look at sugar, fat, fibre and protein. Consumers are more and more conscious about that, as they are increasingly searching for healthy version of their favorite products to have guilt-free, tasty, and nutritious food experience with focus on:



  • Health with additional protein and lower net carbs (keto)
  • Natural, less processed food, and ingredient transparency
  • Experience with new flavors and formats

To meet consumers’ needs, a lot of new products are rising on the market with rebalanced improved front-of-pack labelling or avoiding warning labels on top of claims such as : low carbs claims, protein and/or fibre fortification claims, and reduced glycaemic response claims.


At COSUCRA, we have solutions for you to meet this demand with : FIBRULINE™ soluble chicory root fibre range, EXAFINE™ insoluble pea fibre, and PISANE™ pea protein. The result? Tasteful, nutritious, and healthy finished products.

Biscuits, cookies, and cakes

Developers face various functional and nutritional challenges during the production of biscuits, cookies, cakes and muffins:



  • Dough texture during processing
  • Spreadibility in the oven
  • Controlled Maillard reaction
  • Texture of the finished products
  • Taste/Flavour release
  • Shelf-life



  • Calories, sugar and fat content
  • Fibre content
  • Protein content
  • Tolerance/use of polyols
  • Allergens
  • Flexitarian/ethical solutions

These challenges can be overcome by using the FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre range, EXAFINE™ pea hull fibre and PISANE™ B9 pea protein.

Turn sugars into soluble fibres with mild sweet taste, high solubility, and a controlled Maillard reaction, FIBRULOSE™ LCF or FIBRULINE™ S30 chicory root fibre:


  • Turn free sugars into nutritious fibres for improved front-of-pack labelling
  • Fibre fortification for digestive health
  • Fat reduced chip cookies with a nice, crispy texture
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Application Baked goods Bars Fillings Cereals and Pasta

Fortify in fibres with insoluble fibres EXAFINE™ pea hull fibre:


  • Up to 6% fibre enrichment
  • High fibre versus brans
  • Cost-effective

With high protein content, low water affinity, good dough texture and perfect baking behavior, add PISANE™ B9 pea protein for:


  • Biscuits enriched with proteins
  • Gluten or egg free products
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Application Baked goods BiscuitsCookiesCakes with Pisane B9


Need an energy boost during a workout? Want the best products for your diet? Looking for a healthy snack to eat during your daily commute? Healthy bars and snacks won’t let you down!

In the US, nearly 44% of bars eaters say protein amount is an important factor when choosing bars, while consumers are also focusing on a good macro and micro-nutrient balance.

Whether in cereal bars, fruit & nuts or cold extruded protein bars the FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre range and PISANE™ pea protein are the ideal ingredients for your nutritional and functional needs.
For clusters, coatings and fillings, please refer to the adequate sections.

Low-sugar cereal bars

When processing cereal bars, professionals are searching for good binding, nice chewy texture, stability over shelf-life, and excellent taste to tickle consumers’ taste buds.

FIBRULOSE™ LCF chicory root fibre is the ideal solution for the formulation of healthy, low-sugar cereal bars and snacks. This soluble fibre meets all the challenges associated with this category:


  • Perfect binder, for a stable shelf-life and improving stability over time
  • Easy-to-use by being simply added to the syrups, or it can even replace it
  • Replace artificial humectants, and keep a soft texture
  • High fibre content
  • Slightly sweet taste

PISANE™ B9 pea protein is also the ideal ingredient to increase protein content in bars, with a taste pairing with many flavours. Its low water affinity and good processing result in a perfect shelf-life and reduce hardening with time.

Did you know?

Incorporating FIBRULOSE™ LCF chicory root fibre into the recipes of extruded or cereal bars can lower the added sugar content by as much as 100%?

Fruits & Nuts bars

All the benefits of fruits, to get nuts about bars? A raw and healthy snack without any added sugars ? Bind the fruit & nuts with FIBRULOSE™ LCF chicory root fibre boosting even your fibre content.

A tasty alternative to cold extruded protein bars by gearing up their protein content with PISANE™ B9 pea protein, a label friendly low water affinity plant protein. Gluten, wheat and dairy free!

Discover our fruit & nut bars as a baked bar too with all the pleasure of oat!

Cold extruded bars high protein bars

Industry can face technical challenges when processing cold extruded bars, related to mixing time, binding, texture, stability, and taste. 

PISANE™ B9 pea protein can be integrated up to high levels in protein bars thanks to:


  • Low water affinity for good processing and for perfect shelf-life
  • Can be used alone or in combination with other types of proteins
  • Balanced amino acid profile
  • Combination with many flavours (sweet or savoury)
  • Possibility to use it in coating for further protein enrichment
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Add fibre content with ready-to-use FIBRULOSE™ liquid chicory fibre, perfect ingredient for bars thanks to its binding and humectant properties, its high fibre content, its stability over shelf-life, and its slightly sweet taste.

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Did you know ?

With an amino acid score of 0.96, the PISANE™ B9 pea protein notably contains 17.9g/100g protein Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), in particular leucine. Also note the very interesting levels of lysine and arginine for athletes… One thing is certain, it will never cease to make you stronger!


Beyond plant fibre fortified breads , KETO breads are on the rise. Excellent source of fibre, Keto bread is seen as a premium opportunity. 

Processing bread has technical challenges:


  • Dough texture during processing: water absorption of the flour, processability
  • Development in the oven/volume
  • Breadcrumb texture
  • Shelf-life
  • Taste release
Application Baked Goods Bread

Take your bread to the next level with FIBRULINE™ Instant or FIBRULINE™ XL soluble chicory root fibre to formulate high fibre bread. It is the ideal ingredient thanks to:


  • High fibre content
  • Invisible fibre
  • Good dough texture and good development
  • Proven prebiotic effect

Or combine with a cost effective insoluble low water retention EXAFINE™ pea hull fibre.

Do you want to enrich your bread with protein? With its good processability due to its low affinity for water, PISANE™ B9 protein is the solution! Adding PISANE™ B9 to your recipe will result in a bread with an easy-to-bake good dough texture enriched with protein. And it is also a perfect source of protein for your gluten-free bread!

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Bakery and bar fillings

COSUCRA’s experts spend every day developing excellent recipes plaing with fillings to make your products even more attractive, indulgent and healthy.


Maintain a creamy mouthfeel in a deposited or bake stable fat filling is a real challenge considering the properties sugar brings. Ask our expert to rebalance your fat filling.

FIBRULINE™ S30 chicory root fibre can swap 1:1 50% of the added sugars into nutritious fibres and keep it creamy and sweet. In combination with low saturated fats, it will boost your front-of pack labelling and keep your customer sweet.

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Replace 1:1 the sugar or fat content of your fillings with nutritious fibres and meet your improved nutritional profile in your bars or baked goods with FIBRULOSE™ LCF or FIBRULINE™ S30 chicory root fibre.

It will boost your front-of pack labelling and keep your customer sweet.

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Finding good stability in acid conditions and storage in ambient conditions, manage water release, improve texture, freeze-thaw stability, while having a good taste, those are the challenges you can encounter when processing fruit preparations.

SWELITE™ C pea fibre helps to control the water release, improve texture and yield while having a good taste and freeze & thaw stable product.

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Application BakedGoods BakeryAndBarFilling with Swelite


To improve functional performance, texture and yield, SWELITE™ C is your best ally in savoury preparations such as fresh cheese fillings. It will have no impact on the colour of your cheese and will improve the mouthfeel. SWELITE™ C is the perfect candidate to manage the release of water in your preparation and thus maintain pleasant textures improving the sensory experience of your consumer.

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Application Baked goods savoury filling

Pizza dough

Service your B2B pizzaiolo with optimized frozen doughs thanks to FIBRULINE™ XL chicory root fibre providing superior freeze & thaw stability as well as an improved elasticity. And FIBRULINE™ Instant for fresh doughs.

Application baked goods

Glazing agents

Make your baked good even more shiny with a plant-based glazing agent thanks to PISANE™ LS. Easy-to-store, prepare and use, while reducing the microbiological risks and cost hikes up you may have with eggs.



With NASTAR™ pea starch we’ll replace up to 30% sugar without affecting the batter overrun and stability and keep that unique crunchy texture. Let meringue be the new cherry on the pie. NASTAR™ a unique label-friendly native starch.

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Application BakedGoods Meringues

Pasta and noodles

When processed, pasta encounter technical challenges linked to processability in cold extrusion, cooking behaviour and taste release.

PISANE™ LS pea protein can bring very high-level protein and a well-balanced amino acid profile to pasta and noodles. Ideal for sport foods or a high protein diet. The cooking time is short, with homogeneous absorption of water for ideal cooking behaviour.

FIBRULINE™ Instant chicory root fibre helps obtain instant noodles with a non-stick texture and no effect on taste and appearance. But bear in mind … it is soluble fibre, so it need to be in a prepared pasta meal or a noodle cup!

What about Asian transparent noodles ?
NASTAR™ pea starch is the king of starches when it comes to transparent noodles. Perfect bite and perfectly transparent.

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Extruded cereals, granolas and snacks


Extruded cereals have a very specific direct expansion / cooking-extrusion process so manufacturers are looking for ingredients that will allow cereals to have good expansion while having a well-balanced nutritional composition and excellent taste. Our solutions:


  • FIBRULOSE™ LCF chicory root fibre is a ready-to-use liquid fibre for replacing sugary syrups into nutritious fibres while offering a mild sweet taste. The answer to make your breakfast balanced. 
  • PISANE™ B9 pea protein combined with NASTAR™ pea starch results in a product with high protein content and balanced amino acid whilst keeping good expansion, even at high dosage.
  • Turn your darker bran breakfast into a healthy tummy breakfast with FIBRULINE™ Instant prebiotic chicory root fibre supporting your digestive health in combination with the insoluble fibres.

So in collaboration with its clients COSUCRA has developed breakfast cereals rich in fibres & proteins, and yet again, ones that are low in sugars. An ideal start for the day !

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Extruded snacks have specific expansion properties and texture. Food industrials are searching for crispness and hardness when it comes to texture, while having stability during heat treatment.

NASTAR™ pea starch is the ingredient you’re looking for as being high in amylose. It increases expansion and hardness while NASTAR™ Instant precooked pea starch increases expansion and crispness.

Ready for a healthy ‘veg’ snack? Swap your corn or potato snacks for healthy vegetable snacks combining the wealth of nature … lentil, faba bean, … name it all good flours. NASTAR™ will fix the expansion you need and EXAFINE™ pea hull fibre will act as the perfect nucleation agent to structure your network while offering cost-effective fibre fortification.

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Application BakedGoods ExtrudedSnacks


All the ingredient properties applied in extruded snacks are also applicable to extruded crisps. On top crisps can be fortified in protein with PISANE™ ES pea protein, FIBRULINE™ Instant prebiotic soluble fibre and EXAFINE™ pea full fibre up to 50% of the chosen nutrient to be included in bars, cereal preps for desserts or even a breakfast muesli.

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