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RTD Beverages:
Juices, nectars, teas, coffees, waters

Applications RTD Beverages

Functional and fortified RTD beverages are all over the place! Indeed hydration is not only key for a healthy lifestyle but is also a perfect format to provide you all good nutrients for breakfast, your night rest or throughout the day.

Fortifying beverages such as juices, nectars, teas and flavoured waters are mostly acidic ( < pH 4) and long shelf-shelf life which may breakdown the chicory root fibres as being susceptible to acid hydrolysis.

For neutral pH beverages: FIBRULINE™ S30 chicory root fibre provides you the right solubility in time for clear beverages, and FIBRULINE™ Instant for all other neutral pH beverages.

For dairy based and plant-based beverages, refer to the appropriate section and we’ll let you know many more solutions.

For beverages as low as pH 4 such as some teas, tomato juice and flavoured waters we manage less than 10% for 6 month shelf-life at 20°c ambient temperature. When stored at 4°C product your prebiotic fibre can even boost your beverage as low as pH 3.6.

Ask our experts and we’ll assist your with the fibre integrity simulator. Learn more about the prebiotic FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre

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