The applications

Applications people serving meals

Today, even more than in the past, various food applications are responding to the evolving needs and demands of health-conscious consumers.
These days, consumers are increasingly aware of the health benefits they can derive from their food choices. They are opting for products with fewer additives, using natural and sustainable ingredients, and sourcing products from short supply chains. But that doesn’t mean the pleasure of eating has to be compromised.

At COSUCRA, we understand the need to balance health and pleasure, and we’re here to help. If you produce food for the food or nutrition and health markets, we can offer you natural, healthy, functional and high value-added ingredients to enhance your products and meet changing consumer demands.

Our in-house resources, including a dedicated R&D department, are at your disposal to devise new concepts and manufacturing processes that will bring innovation to your applications. Whether for (Non) dairy, plant-based savoury, or savoury, supplements and meal replacers, baked goods, bars and cereals, confectionery, our experts work with our customers to develop new or improved recipes that better meet consumer demand.