New partnership with the SWDE

20 May 2021

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COSUCRA is committed to move towards a sustainable water management in their production processes by 2030. In this context, COSUCRA has signed a long-term partnership with the SWDE, regional leader of production and distribution of drinking water. The objective: bind economic growth and sustainable management of regional water resources.

Effective within three years, the SWDE will first carry out necessary works to establish the connection between COSUCRA facilities and water conveyance systems to the Transhennuyère. Starting in 2024, the SWDE will then provide COSUCRA water to supply both of their production plants located in Warcoing, and this partnership will extend over the next 25 years. In 2024, the family business will represent 2% of the volumes distributed by the SWDE in the Walloon Region. This capacity will increase gradually by 2026, allowing the progressive interruption of direct taking into the groundwater. At the same time, COSUCRA is committed to maintain their efforts to reduce their water consumption and thus improve its environmental impact.