Whether it is to protect animal welfare, take charge of their own health, fight against climate change, preserve natural resources… more and more consumers are driven to substitute all or part of the animal-based products in their diet with plant-based foods. At COSUCRA, we are doing our utmost to support them!


Plant-based drinks, yogurts made from coconut milk or even oat milk, egg-free mayonnaise, meat-free burgers… What do they have in common? Despite being substitutes, all these products delight our taste buds. This is the real challenge: how can you successfully mimic the taste and texture of animal products using only plant-based ingredients? How do you reconcile sustainability and taste properties in a food product? Our ambition at COSUCRA is to provide you with solutions.

PISANE™ pea protein

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FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre

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NASTAR™ pea starch

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Using our ingredients, you formulate end products that are very high in taste and nutrients. Discover the potential of COSUCRA solutions in applications for vegetarians and flexitarians.

COSUCRA Board appoints Eric Bosly as new CEO

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