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SWELITETM, pea fibre

A naturally sourced ingredient, SWELITE™ is an insoluble internal pea fibre obtained from yellow peas by using a gentle process. It is a performing solution for most of savoury applications, and also for dairy specialities and fillings for bakery products.

In most cases the vegetables fibres provide an additional intake of quality nutrients, and also sensory properties sought by consumers such as texture, the mouthfeel, or yet again, management of moisture in the product. SWELITE™ pea fibre has a special capacity to bind water which brings significant sensory qualities improvement.



Guaranteed non-GMO and naturally sourced, our SWELITE™ pea fibre has an attractive profile that perfectly suits vegetarian and vegan applications.

Certified natural origin

Sustainable crop



Yellow peas are edible leguminous seeds which have been important components of the human food, as they are rich source of dietary fibres and other nutrients. Our range of SWELITE™ pea fibre is well-known for performing fibres and also for its nutritional content that have significant benefits for digestive health.

Aids in digestion

Keep gut bacteria healthy

Sourced from an edible crop comestible


Produced by a gentle process that preserves all of its properties and unique functional benefits, our SWELITE™ pea fibre meets all the challenges faced by industries , such as processability, and also the demand from the consumer, such as the texture.

Easy to use

High water holding

Unique texture

SWELITE™, a functional solution to various challenges


The SWELITE™ range is composed of two pea fibre references that are distinguished from each other by their physical characteristics and different functionalities. Enough to cover a wide scope of applications with specific requests: improving texture, adding cohesiveness, or yet again suitable for brine injections. With the new emerging consumption trends , various new opportunities open up for pea fibre.

Products processed from meat, poultry, and fish

Plant-based alternative to meat


Fruit preparations for bakery products

Dairy specialities


Because of its coarser particle size and its higher water holding capacity, the SWELITE™ C pea fibre reference is positioned among restructured products, or those containing larger ingredients. While SWELITE™ F has a finer particle size, which is suitable for specific savoury applications, such as for brine injections.

  • Processed meat
  • Processed poultry
  • Processed fish
  • Plant-based alternatives
  • Sauces
  • Fruit preparations for bakery products
  • Cheese alternatives
  • Pasta fillings
  • Injected meat products
  • Injected poultry products
  • Sauces
  • Dairy specialities (bakery products)

Good to Know: SWELITE™ in chicken nuggets!


SWELITE™ C pea fibre has been used for several years in processed poultry products because of their high water holding capacity. For example, adding SWELITE™ C to a chicken nuggets recipe significantly reduces water losses during processing and cooking. Water is only released under a strong mechanical action, such as mastication. This phenomenon provides a juicy and fatty mouthfeel which considerably improves the texture. Therefore SWELITE™ C pea fibre is the best solution for processed poultry products, but also for many other products!





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