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A sustainable and nutritious plant protein, PISANE™ pea protein is the pea protein you need for healthy, tasty and sustainable end-products in both nutrition-health and plant-based markets!


Suitable in both plant-based and health & nutrition market, PISANE™ pea protein range meets the specific needs of each market for its unique taste and dedicated functional properties. Meet all benefits of our pea protein:


COSUCRA is committed to the planet through its PISANE™ pea protein

  • The peas are selected locally

  • Yellow peas: sustainable cultivation (no use of fertilisers, any irrigation, limited use of pesticides)

  • Sustainable source of protein with less energy consumption, less greenhouse gas emission and less farmland needed to produce 1g of pea protein compared to 1g of animal protein



Pea protein is a plant protein particularly rich in essential nutrients. Its balanced composition makes PISANE™ an essential ingredient in the nutrition-health and plant-based sectors.

  • High protein content with 86% protein in dry matter

  • True digestibility: 98%  

  • Particularly low in anti-nutritional factors

  • Rich in essential amino acids (AAS = 0.96(1))

  • High levels of leucine and arginine content


Our PISANE™ range meets the specific needs of each application: taste and functional properties.

  • A unique taste that allows up to a very high incorporation of PISANE ™ in the formulations
  • A complete range of functional proteins to meet all the technological challenges of food, beverage and nutritional applications

Why use pea protein?

Global concerns around a healthier way of life and the environmental transition continue to rise. Ensuring that new food products are both environmentally friendly and healthy is one of COSUCRA’s priority, and it starts with the ingredients we offer.

Whether you are flexitarian, vegan, allergic to gluten, or an athlete, PISANE™ pea protein ticks all the boxes when it comes to health and environment requirements. Coming from yellow peas, rich in essential nutrients and with ideal functionalities, it’s the reference for all your needs: 

  • Restore the nutritional profile of plant-based food products

  • Fortify nutritional products in protein

  • Diversify the protein sourcing

  • Take part of planet well-being


Protect the planet with a sustainable source of protein

Highly nutritious plant protein good for people’s health and good for the planet, PISANE™ pea protein comes from selected local yellow peas. Pea crop has a lower environmental impact than animal husbandry and is considered as a sustainable raw material: 

  • nitrogen-fixing crops increasing soil health, 

  • low nitrogen demand, 

  • highly water efficient, 

  • limited use of pesticide 

  • interesting ratio protein by ha. 

Producing pea protein consumes less resources in terms of farmland, energy and water used compared to other protein like protein from beef but also plant protein from soy or wheat – which makes pea a sustainable source of protein.




Rebalance the nutritional profile of food and drinks products

Today, consumers are increasingly concerned about what they eat or drink. In addition to the experience itself of eating and drinking regarding taste and texture, mindful consumption is now a key element they consider when consuming a product. It is even more the case since new mechanisms to help them find the right product have seen the light of day like Nutri-S+core in Europe for example but also digital applications to scan food products and their components. All these new concerns affect industry players in producing food products with balanced nutritional profile of sugar, fat, fibre, and protein.

In this light, most mindful consumers tend to view vegetarian products as better for their health than animal-based products, leading to the consumption of vegetarian products supplemented with proteins or gluten-free foods. With their high protein content and their unique functionalities, the different PISANE™ pea protein references are ideal when supplementing with protein the nutritional composition of products thanks to organoleptic quality ensuring excellent taste and texture while having an improved nutrient profile.

Supplement products with protein

Proteins are essential for the human body to work properly as they have various functions: production of energy, growth and maintenance of muscle mass, help in digestion, bolster immune health, etc. They are a key ingredient in recipes for slimming products, sports nutrition, senior nutrition, and others. Thanks to their high nutritional value, pea proteins are increasingly used to supplement end products with protein, in protein shake, high protein RTD beverages or high protein bars.

Diversifying sources of protein

For a few years now, plant proteins have gained attention of consumers whether they are vegetarians, vegans or flexitarians. As a result, consumers find more and more products using plant proteins. The offer is wider than ever, and we have many choices into shelves. Firstly, dominated by the soy and gluten proteins, the plant protein market offers a whole spectrum of alternative protein sources.

Pea protein now appears as the most relevant alternative to soy and gluten proteins thanks to its nutritional and functional properties as well as its sustainable image. The use of pea protein is growing all over the world: the number of new products containing this protein has doubled in five years! We can find pea protein in a various set of food applications: diet products, proteins concentrate for athletes, plant-based drinks, vegan ice creams, vegan burgers, etc. The goal remains the same: having sustainable and nutritious alternatives to existing proteins.

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