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pea starch

NASTAR™ is a native starch extracted from yellow peas. Compared to other native starches, yellow pea starch has the highest amylose content.

NASTAR™: sustainably sourced starch

A locally grown crop, without the need for irrigation, and with a limited use of pesticides, a non-GMO raw material... this is enough for yellow peas to rank top of the class! Obtained from this environmentally friendly raw material, NASTAR™ pea starch derives all of its functional benefits from its physical extraction process.

NASTAR™ has higher amylose content, resulting in exceptional gelatinisation at lower temperature (68°C for pea starch vs. 70-74°C for other starches). While the viscosity of NASTAR™ remains stable on heating, it increases and reaches higher values during cooling. The high viscosity during cooling results in a firm and sliceable gel, while other native starches produce noticeably softer gels.

NASTAR™ is also available as pregelatinised starch: NASTAR™ Instant which makes it possible to obtain viscosity without heating or high temperature.

  • It develops a higher texture during different heat treatments compared to other pregelatinised starches.
  • NASTAR™ Instant withstands high shear processing conditions.
  • Syneresis due to retrogradation is strongly reduced compared to other native starches.
  • It comes as a white powder with a neutral taste.


With their high amylose content, unique gelling and thickening properties, and neutral taste, NASTAR™ and NASTAR™ Instant can be used in a variety of applications.

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