La racine de chicorée


In 1986, Belgian family company COSUCRA pioneered a world first production process with the extraction of inulin from chicory root to obtain a range of soluble dietary fibres. A raw material that, in the early days, was processed as a simple substitute to traditional sugar then became a source for a much more widespread and versatile ingredient, used for its positive effects on nutrition and health. Today, COSUCRA offers the benefits of chicory root all over the world in many food and dietary supplement products thanks to:

  • FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre, inulin
  • FIBRULOSE™ chicory root fibre, oligofructose


Inulin is extracted from chicory root through a gentle hot water diffusion process, similar to the process used to extract sugar from beets. The first step consists in obtaining a liquid concentrate from the chicory root. This juice will then be refined into fibre in liquid or powder form.

And then there was CHICOLINE

Very early on, COSUCRA understood the importance of growing different varieties suitable for the production of chicory root fibre. This is why, in the late 1980s, COSUCRA decided to set up its CHICOLINE division, dedicated to the selection of the best varieties of chicory in order to meet the sector’s varying needs.

The mission of CHICOLINE? Select the right chicory seeds quality based on the sector. Having become the world leader in chicory seeds, CHICOLINE offers an extensive selection as well as a full range of varieties and innovative solutions that meet the needs of both growers and the sector. Thanks to innovative, responsible and sustainable practices, CHICOLINE is now selecting the chicory varieties of tomorrow.

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