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Rebalance the nutritional profile

Diabetes, obesity… there are still a lot of consumers who suffer from the health complications resulting from poor nutrition. Therefore the World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated that consumers need specific, standardised, and full information about the contents of goods so that they can make clear healthy choices.

Different regional front-of-pack (FOP) and back-of-pack (BOP) initiatives already exist around the world like Nutriscore in EU, Warning Labels in South-American countries, Healthier Choice Labels, and the interactive logos in certain Asian countries.

Today, consumers find nutritional information by scanning the bar codes on the packaging and by using applications that analyse food products on their smartphone.

This behaviour strongly affects industry players in producing food products with a balanced nutritional profile to help consumers manage their consumption of sugar, fat, fibre, and protein.

We at COSUCRA are aware of the role we must play! FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre and PISANE™ pea protein play a crucial and positive role in the nutritional values and are key to rebalance the nutritional profile.

Fibre fortification

Most of us are stuck in the fibre gap and we need to find nutritional ways to climb out of it. The definition of this fibre gap is the difference between how much fibre we need and how much we consume. The recommended daily intake of fibre is 25 to 30 g with a third being soluble fibres (*).

(* depending on local regulation)

FIBRULINE™ is best in class! Generally composed of 90% dietary fibres, the FIBRULINE™ range is strongly recommended for fibre enrichment.


Consumer awareness has led to the proliferation of new nutrition behaviours favouring vegetarian products supplemented with proteins or gluten-free foods. Due to their high protein content and their unique functionalities, the different PISANE™ pea protein references meet the requirements of these different types of consumer products: organoleptic qualities (sensory experience) ensuring excellent taste and texture, with improved nutrient profile however. PISANE™ C9, for example, helps meet the challenge of creating an exquisite vegetable drink, with a texture as smooth as milk and a more balanced composition!


The number of new food products displaying a high protein content increased by 62% over the last five years.


WHO recommends adults and children reduce their daily intake of free sugars to less than 10% of total energy intake and even suggests further reduction to 5%.

Chicory root fibres are the ideal ingredient to replace 1:1 added sugars into good-for-you natural fibres without compromising taste, texture and mouthfeel neither affecting process conditions and shelf-life. They do not contain added sugars.

Rebalancing the nutritional profile through partial replacement of added sugars up to 30% in baked goods, bars, confectionery, ice-creams and (non-) dairy desserts thanks to their sugar-like properties and mild sweet taste. It will support a better blood glucose management and support the the prevention of overweight, obesity and diabetes in combination with a healthy lifestyle.

Replacing 4kcal/g sugars into 2kcal/g soluble fibres they will contribute to reduce calories too.

Combined with high intensity sweeteners and/or polyols, they are part of the solution to replace larger amounts of added sugars up to 100% without off-taste and improve the labelling to keep customers sweet.

Turning sugars into fibres will contribute to fill the fibre gap.

FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre is an ideal ingredient to replace sugar thanks to its 2 kcal/gram rather than the 4 kcal/gram of classic sugar. Each FIBRULINE™ has its own benefit in sugar reduction:

Fat mimetic

Fats are necessary but they are the single most calorie rich component of food and should be used sparingly to avoid overweight and obesity. Fats have 9 kcal/gram so replacing fats can significantly reduce additional intake of fat as well as calories.

By using FIBRULINE™, for example! Long chain chicory root (DP > 20) such as FIBRULINE™ XL influences the texture. A gel structure can be installed between water and chicory root fibre to improve the mouthfeel and to realize a fat-like or fat mimetic effect.

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