In the past years, one could not overlook the consumer’s desire for healthy eating. Today more than ever, people are looking for balance, moderation, health and wellness. They look for simple, natural solutions and tend to focus on familiar ingredients and inherent goodness.

Because online information is at their fingertips and social media easily points out every little industries faux-pas, people have become smarter and are more critical about what they consume ; 1 out of 3 Western Europeans are still trusting the food industry as provider of safe food. Rebuilding that trust has thus became a priority. 


Better scored products with fibre and protein enrichment

While people are trying to understand products’ ingredients and their benefits on health, new mechanisms are coming into the market to better understand what we consume, Nutri-Score being one of them. Nutri-Score is an easy  tool that helps consumers to do better food choices. It is based on a score obtained from a calculation of the quantity of elements to favor (fibre, proteins, fruits and vegetables, pulses and nuts) and items to reduce (calories, saturated fat, sugar and salt). Put on a 5 letters and colors scale, it gives consumers a good overlook of how good is the product for your health!


Meet the endless consumer desire

Your brands can regain consumers’ trust by providing a honest and transparent representation of the nutritional levels of your products through a front-of-pack labelling widely accepted system like the Nutri-Score. And you can even better meet your consumers’ expectations by contributing actively to their balanced healthy lifestyle though indulgent food with improved scores with the naturally sourced plant-based ingredients from COSUCRA. 


Zesty Lemon Cake

On the endless quest for a tasty, healthier, better snacking, we created this zesty lemon cake that feel’s good.

Ideal as a on-the-go snack for the whole family, it’s free from palm oil and hydrogenated fats and offers a rebalanced nutritional profile with a Nutri-Score B.

We kept it moist and soft while being a source of fibre thanks to FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre, an easy-to-use natural verified invisible fibre . Nearly 5g sugars per portion and still a naturally sweet profile.





Plant-based naturally better scored

Combine the wealth of nature with oat, almond, coconut, and nuts with PISANE™ pea protein, a nutritious sustainable protein source to offer milk alternatives. While most milk alternatives are naturally low in saturated fats, they will reduce the negative points in the Nutri-Score calculation and contribute to a reduction of the environmental footprint when compared to animal milk.  By creating new consumer offerings and pleasing the ever evolving consumer, you don’t need to pair with the too sweet food and beverages,  so negative points in the Nutri-Score from sugars can be offset with the fibres from fruits, vegetables, pulses and nuts combined with FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre, an invisible natural soluble fibre. And by keeping your products a good source of protein, they will contribute to the growth and maintenance of the muscle mass, as well as contribute to the maintenance of normal bones.  

No compromise for indulgence and all the wealth of nature thanks to naturally sourced plant-based ingredients from COSUCRA that will make your food and beverages even more nutritious.    



My little green hero

Ready to please your little hero with a creamy chocolate   dessert ? This plant-based dessert cream is not only irresistible, but it suits well as part of a nutritionally balanced diet!

All the nutritional and sensory benefits of PISANE™ pea protein, while reducing the environmental footprint. 

Rebalanced to a light green Nutri-Score B with FIBRULINE™chicory root fibre, an invisible natural soluble fibre.

Let your little green hero spread his wings and save the planet by adopting this plant-based sweet chocolate dessert without compromise!


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