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In terms of healthier eating habits, reducing sugar is one of the pillars:  51.4% of European consumers check product labelling for sugar (1).

(1) FMCG-Gurus-Custom-Survey-Global-and-Regional-Country-Profiles-Q2-2021


According to a study by FMCG Gurus, 76% of European consumers are planning to eat and drink more healthily and 60% of these stating they will do so by reducing sugar (2) 

Consumers are becoming aware that their consumption of sugar is constantly increasing, particularly because of industrially processed products.

Raising awareness of this issue and introducing regulations to control and inform consumers of the potential long-term risks of this sometimes-excessive consumption is springing up all over Europe and is increasingly being highlighted.

As the primary link in this race for sugar, we have a duty to propose solutions to this challenge:  FIBRULINE™ is ours.

(2) (source:


FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre, inulin and FIBRULOSE™ chicory root fibre, oligofructose are a range of soluble dietary fibres, extracted by hot water from chicory roots. A versatile toolkit with specific functional benefits to turn added sugars and calories into good-for-you fibres without affecting taste, texture and mouthfeel for nutritionally better-balanced food.

Replacing added sugars in food such as mono- and disaccharides on a weight-by-weight basis by label friendly chicory root fibres will reduce the rise in blood sugar levels. Lowering the glycaemic response will contribute to the prevention of overweight, obesity and diabetes in combination with a healthy lifestyle.

We’ll provide you guidance on how liquid FIBRULOSE™ LCF and powder FIBRULINE™ S30 can replace 30% added sugars without compromising taste, texture and mouthfeel for your consumers and allow you to keep your processing and shelf-life conditions.

Baked goods, bars, desserts, … we’ll cut the sugars and turn your sweet consumers healthier.

Front-of-pack labelling such as Nutri-Score supports consumers in the right choice.

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