Rebalance cake


Zesty Lemon Cake

On the endless quest for a tasty, healthier, better snacking, we created this zesty lemon cake that feel’s good.

Ideal as a on-the-go snack for the whole family, it’s free from palm oil and hydrogenated fats and offers a rebalanced nutritional profile with a Nutri-Score B.

We kept it moist and soft while being a source of fibre thanks to FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre, an easy-to-use natural verified invisible fibre . Nearly 5g sugars per portion and still a naturally sweet profile.




my little green hero

My little green hero

Ready to please your little hero with a creamy chocolate   dessert ? This plant-based dessert cream is not only irresistible, but it suits well as part of a nutritionally balanced diet!

All the nutritional and sensory benefits of PISANE™ pea protein, while reducing the environmental footprint. 

Rebalanced to a light green Nutri-Score B with FIBRULINE™chicory root fibre, an invisible natural soluble fibre.

Let your little green hero spread his wings and save the planet by adopting this plant-based sweet chocolate dessert without compromise!

PB garlic&herbs

Garlic & herbs plant-based cream cheese

Enjoy every moment of the day with this deliciously and cheesy plant-based spread on your bread, cracker, bagel or as in a plant-based dip.

Discover the smoothness and creaminess of this light and fresh, dairy-free fermented cream cheese garlic & herbs thanks to PISANE ™ C9 pea protein and FIBRULINE™ XL chicory root fibre.



  • Does not need irrigation
  • No use of fertiliser
  • Limited use of pesticide
  • Non-GMO crop


Health through good nutrition


Naturalness, clean-label, “free-from” diet, low-sugar or low-fat foods, fibre or protein supplements, flexitarism, and the list goes on. In all these trends, COSUCRA is an ideal partner, supplying the food industry and the nutrition & health sectors with must-have products.

We believe in the power of nutrition on our health! This is the enthusiasm and knowledge that we want to share and convey to our customers and partners.


More than ever forward-looking

The earth is what sustains the growth of COSUCRA, which explains why we spare no effort to reduce our environmental impact and are committed to fight for sustainability. The unwavering ambition to meet Europe’s CO2 emissions reduction targets (-50%) is one of the main goals of our strategy.


Resolutely customer oriented


COSUCRA’s agility and flexibility make us a preferred partner for our customers. Indeed, due to our SME size, we are more transparent and especially more agile than our competitors, all of which much larger companies.

COSUCRA has a worldwide presence, either directly or through partners (distributors and agents). We have a subsidiary in the USA (Chicago) and 3 people posted in China and Taiwan. On the strength of our presence in those three regions (NORAM, APAC, Europe) through our workforce and of our distribution network in four regions (NORAM, APAC, Europe and SOAM), we are able to adapt quickly to local needs.

What do we want to make sure our customers will get? The best, of course! This is why the quality and traceability of our ingredients have become major elements of our branding. At COSUCRA, we pride ourselves in ensuring the quality and traceability of each of our products in complete transparency.



A well-rooted and modern history


Established by COSUCRA back in 1852 in western Belgium, a region known for its prolific agricultural tradition, the original factory extracted sugar from beets. COSUCRA has invested heavily in research and development from the very beginning, setting up an agricultural research centre dedicated to the development of its own chicory seeds.

The world’s first producer of industrial inulin, COSUCRA has always anticipated trends and consumer needs. This explains why it gradually refocused its production on nutritional ingredients extracted from two crops typically grown in the region: chicory roots and yellow peas. A bold move. We are proud of having made the switch, as it has allowed our company to become the world leader in natural ingredients extracted from chicory roots and peas.

With a history spanning six generations in the production of natural chicory and pea ingredients, COSUCRA targets the food and nutrition & health markets worldwide.


COSUCRA today can be summed up as: 

  • 6 generations: the guarantee of a well-established company that is close to all of its partners
  • 300+ employees worldwide
  • 3 processing plants (1 for chicory and 2 for peas, one of which in Denmark)
  • 1 subsidiary in Chicago, USA, and 1 sales office in Shanghai, China
  • 5 years since the transition to a liberated company

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Fat reduction

This trend in savoury applications is probably the most important one. Demand is there but the offer remains small. Criticized for its saturated fats content, the meat category must change this negative image and offer more fat reduced alternatives. fat reduction in processed meat products? This is possible thanks to the addition of FIBRULINE™ XL chicory root fibre. This long chain fibre creates a gel on contact with water, which provides a fatty mouthfeel. In reducing the amount of fatty materials in a recipe and by adding this chicory root fibre, the sensation and the nutritional profile of this savoury application is also rebalanced. Objective achieved!

More(Applications PLANT BASED)

Products for children

The new generation of parents is very careful about the composition of children’s diet. They look for a balance between food, health, and play fullness. Children are sensitive to savoury applications having particular shapes, for example, those of their favourite heroes.

In order to guarantee a playful shape during the process and the cooking of meat products, industry players can turn to functional solutions like SWELITE™ C.

COSUCRA Board appoints Eric Bosly as new CEO

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