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FIBRULINE™ Instant : all-round easy to use powder for sugar replacement

FIBRULINE™ S30 : when higher solubility is needed in sugar reduction

FIBRULOSE™ F97 : recommended for strong sugar replacement

FIBRULOSE™ LCF : easy-to-use liquid solution



FIBRULINE™ obtained from chicory is a highly soluble easy-to-use fibre. Better still, it is an effective substitute for sugar with average sweetening power. The long-chain inulin can form a fat-mimetic gel after heating in high water systems with improved mouthfeel and smoothness. FIBRULINE™ neither changes the colour nor the taste, whatever the dose, that is why we call it “invisible” fibre.

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Processability improvement


 The processability of the product is still undeniably one of the biggest challenges for the food processing industry . In fact, the way an ingredient is used can be impacted by several factors that can slow production times down, so COSUCRA has the following solutions

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NASTAR™: sustainably sourced starch

A locally grown crop, without the need for irrigation, and with a limited use of pesticides, a non-GMO raw material… this is enough for yellow peas to rank top of the class! Obtained from this environmentally friendly raw material, NASTAR™ pea starch derives all of its functional benefits from its physical extraction process.

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Essential to the proper functioning of our body, proteins are one of the key ingredients in recipes for slimming products, sports nutrition, nutrition for seniors, and so on. Thanks to their high nutritional value, pea proteins are increasingly used to supplement end products with protein – from protein drinks to bars.


And then there was CHICOLINE

Very early on, COSUCRA understood the importance of growing different varieties suitable for the production of chicory root fibre. This is why, in the late 1980s, COSUCRA decided to set up its CHICOLINE division, dedicated to the selection of the best varieties of chicory in order to meet the sector’s varying needs.

The mission of CHICOLINE? Select the right chicory seeds quality based on the sector. Having become the world leader in chicory seeds, CHICOLINE offers an extensive selection as well as a full range of varieties and innovative solutions that meet the needs of both growers and the sector. Thanks to innovative, responsible and sustainable practices, CHICOLINE is now selecting the chicory varieties of tomorrow.

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Texture improvement

Texture and taste are still real obstacles to the development of meat substitute products (source Mintel GNPD).

  • 55% of American consumers say that the texture of meat substitutes must be the same as meat.
  • 41% of Irish consumers find that meat substitutes are not attractive.
  • 24% of Canadian consumers consider the texture of meat substitutes as an important quality.



Plant-based drinks, yogurts made from coconut milk or even oat milk, egg-free mayonnaise, meat-free burgers… What do they have in common? Despite being substitutes, all these products delight our taste buds. This is the real challenge: how can you successfully mimic the taste and texture of animal products using only plant-based ingredients? How do you reconcile sustainability and taste properties in a food product? Our ambition at COSUCRA is to provide you with solutions.

COSUCRA Board appoints Eric Bosly as new CEO

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