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Whether for vegetarian sectors, for side dishes, or yet again for meat products, the innovations do not lack savoury applications. Consumer trends and needs are continuously shifting or adapting; therefore, these changes bring new challenges to the industry players. However, there is good news: our range of COSUCRA ingredients meets most of these challenges, as diverse as they could be!


By reading these analyses, we may believe that the processed meat market is declining and no longer presents any potential. However, the world’s population never ceases to grow. More and more people have and will have access to meat, which has not always been the case until now. Obviously, the sector is no longer as dynamic as other savoury applications, but keeps asignificant presence on the food market. Because the meat market continues to respond to consumer expectations, it is important to follow current trends that feature savoury applications:

Products for children

The new generation of parents is very careful about the composition of children’s diet. They look for a balance between food, health, and play fullness. Children are sensitive to savoury applications having particular shapes, for example, those of their favourite heroes.

In order to guarantee a playful shape during the process and the cooking of meat products, industry players can turn to functional solutions like SWELITE™ C.

Fat reduction

This trend in savoury applications is probably the most important one. Demand is there but the offer remains small. Criticized for its saturated fats content, the meat category must change this negative image and offer more fat reduced alternatives. fat reduction in processed meat products? This is possible thanks to the addition of FIBRULINE™ XL chicory root fibre. This long chain fibre creates a gel on contact with water, which provides a fatty mouthfeel. In reducing the amount of fatty materials in a recipe and by adding this chicory root fibre, the sensation and the nutritional profile of this savoury application is also rebalanced. Objective achieved!


This is undoubtedly a booming market. From the United States to Asian countries, consumers around the world are familiar with – and always looking for more – alternatives to meat, fish and eggs.

Originally very limited, the range of animal protein substitutes has diversified at all kinds of levels: taste, texture, presentation, chilled or frozen, etc. At COSUCRA, all of our ingredients extracted from peas and chicory roots have a key role to play in allowing consumers to really enjoy their food choices with this new generation of products!


By 2040, the global market of alternatives to meat is expected to account for around 60% of the global savoury market.


Texture, one of the main challenges for alternatives to meat or fish products. For a part of the market, consumers expect it to mimic the texture of meat and deliver the same sensation as when biting into a burger or nuggets: juiciness, chewiness, elasticity, melting in mouth effect, and so on.

PISANE™ pea protein, SWELITE™ pea fibre and NASTAR™ pea starch are the ideal solutions to meet these daunting challenges. With these ingredients, you can create products with a high level of organoleptic quality... In other words, products that are just as satisfying!


As citizens, sustainability has become our main concern and remains one of the key factors in converting to flexitarism and vegetarianism. These new types of consumers are very well informed about agricultural practices, the benefits of plant proteins, the composition of products on the shelves, etc.

Our ingredients extracted from peas and chicory roots tick all the boxes: impact on climate, animal welfare, use of our natural resources or even healthy diet... At COSUCRA, finding solutions to each of these concerns is important to us!


We use about nine times less primary energy to produce 1 kg of pea protein than what is required to produce 1 kg of animal protein (beef). Great news, isn’t it?


Too much saturated fat, too much salt, not enough protein... such are the complaints often made regarding vegetarian products in the savoury applications market. How can we help manufacturers resolve these issues? By formulating recipes based on naturally sourced ingredients that combine functional and nutritional qualities!

Thanks to their fat-mimicking properties, our FIBRULINE™ XL chicory root fibres will play a key role in formulating products that have a naturally low or reduced fat content. For their part, our PISANE™ M9 pea proteins will allow manufacturers to increase the protein content in their products while ensuring excellent organoleptic quality and a balanced nutrient profile... Tasty, healthy products: everything we need!

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