From 100% dairy products to products made from plant-based drinks, from mainstream products to fortified products, from children’s nutrition to products for adults… Dairy products constitute an especially broad category with a similarly diverse spectrum of challenges. Consumers expect to be satisfied with the experience and the product’s taste must be impeccable. This is why, at COSUCRA, we take on the challenge of formulating products that are good for our taste buds, good for our health and good for the planet with the help of chicory fibre and pea protein!

I say YES to an even healthier dairy drink



Fibre supplementation, sugar reduction, improved digestive health… FIBRULINE™ chicory fibre will easily convince you to make it an essential ingredient in the formulation of your dairy products – from drinks to yoghurt.





the yearly increase in the number of new non-dairy products containing pea protein


the five-year increase in the number of non-dairy products made from oats

The market for plant-based milks and other non-dairy products is growing rapidly worldwide, requiring innovation. What is the consumer’s number 1 criterion when choosing one product over another? Taste, unquestionably!

That’s why, with PISANE™, we bring you the best in plant-based protein! Sustainably produced and with a high nutritional value, this pea protein meets the many challenges of this category thanks to its unique functional properties… Without altering the taste!

delicious products for the whole family


Ice cream




a balanced composition

Products good for the planet


PISANE™ C9 is the ideal protein to make fermented plant-based cheese alternatives! Thanks to its unique functional properties and taste, you can produce a plant-based cream cheese as delectable as Philadelphia™ cream cheese!

The secret? Perfect solubility, ideal viscosity and a balanced sensory experience... A fool proof recipe for a tasty result!

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