Water has been the source of life since the dawn of time and ever since then mankind has creatively added colours and taste to it. Drinks are also derived from several fruits, found in nature. Fruit juice, nectars, or yet again flavoured water: today there is an unlimited number of ready-to-drink beverages.


FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre offers numerous possibilities such as formulas low in sugar or drinks rich in fibres. It goes without saying that a drink one likes is quite fluid, and has a smooth mouthfeel. Thanks to our expertise, it is possible to create customised healthy drinks, rich in taste!


Come backstage into COSUCRA’s laboratory and discover some of the products that we have developed!


Carbonated drinks and flavoured water


  • Sugarless flavoured water, high in fibre based on FIBRULOSE™
  • Non-acidic carbonated drinks, low in sugar based on FIBRULOSE™ F97


Instant powder Drinks


  • Highly soluble drinks based on FIBRULINE™ S30


Juice, nectars, and teas


  • Fruit juices and nectars high in fibre based on FIBRULINE™ Instant
  • Sugar-free iced drinks based on liquid FIBRULOSE™ chicory root fibre


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