Need an energy boost during a workout? Want the best products for your diet? Looking for a healthy snack to eat during your daily commute? Healthy energy bars and snacks won’t let you down!



FIBRULOSE™ LCF chicory root fibre is the best solution for the formulation of healthy, low-sugar energy bars and snacks. Thanks to its humectant properties and ease of use, this soluble fibre meets all the challenges associated with this product category: a perfect binder for easy-to-process matrices, an ideal texture and a stable taste over the bar’s entire shelf life.


Incorporating FIBRULOSE™ LCF chicory root fibre into the recipes of extruded or cereal bars can lower the sugar content by as much as 100%.



What is the secret to formulating bars with a very high protein content and impeccable organoleptic qualities? Using PISANE™ B9 pea protein guarantees taste and balance!

Thanks to its low affinity for water and good emulsifying capacity, PISANE™ B9 can be integrated up to high levels in protein or cereal bars. Characterised by a high protein content and a particularly balanced amino acid profile, this pea protein will be the key ingredient in formulating balanced, tasty snacks.



With an amino acid score of 0.96, the PISANE™ B9 pea protein notably contains high levels of branched chain amino acids (more particularly leucine). Also note the very interesting levels of lysine and arginine for athletes... One thing is certain, it will never cease to amaze you!

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