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The smell of a freshly oven-baked product put a smile on many people’s faces. Unfortunately, these tasteful products mostly have a less attractive nutritional label if we look at sugar, fat, fibre and protein content.

The solution? FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre to optimize the nutritional profile in sugar, fibre, and fat in these gourmet bakery products. PISANE™ pea protein enriches nutritious protein products.

Bread biscuits on the shelf: you can count on our team of experts who all have the knowledge needed to add additional taste and delicacy to your finished products, without missing out on nutrition and health.


FIBRULINE™ results in bread rich in fibre. It can also be an “invisible” soluble fibre. In fact, large quantities of it can be added without changing the texture, the colour, or the taste. FIBRULINE™ is a fluid white powder presenting good dispersability and low hygroscopicity, two essential parameters in bread production.


In order to enrich bread products with proteins, there is nothing better than using PISANE™ B9 pea protein. Its low affinity for water facilitates its incorporation into baking matrices. So it is easy to obtain dough for bakery products that has good texture and is easy to bake. It should be noted that PISANE™ B9 is also ideal for rebalancing the nutritional profile of gluten free products.


Developers face various functional and nutritional challenges during the production of biscuits, cookies, and cakes:


  • Dough texture during processing
  • Spreadibility in the oven
  • Controlled Maillard reaction
  • Texture of the finished products
  • Taste/Flavour release


  • Sugar, fat, and fibre content
  • Protein content
  • Tolerance/use of polyols
  • Allergens
  • Flexitarian/ethical solutions

These challenges can be overcome by the following solutions:

FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre:

  • High or balanced fibre biscuits
  • Sugar-reduced cookies for digestive health
  • Fat reduced chip cookies with a nice, crispy texture

PISANE™ pea protein:

  • Biscuits enriched with proteins
  • Gluten or egg free products

Combinations, together FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre and PISANE™ pea protein have multiple advantages for a biscuit!


COSUCRA’s experts spend every day developing excellent recipes on FIBRULINE™ for cake fillings e.g. with chocolate or vanilla flavour. The fillings preserve a delicious soft taste without changing the water activity as well as an excellent melting behaviour in the mouth.


Extruded cereals have a very specific direct expansion/ cooking-extrusion process., and COSUCRA ingredients can be integrated easily:

  • FIBRULINE™ Instant is an easy-to-use powder that can be added to the raw materials at the start of a process.
  • FIBRULOSE™ Liquid Chicory Fibre (LCF) is a ready-to-use product with a high solid content and can be used as a coating. In addition, this syrup can replace malt syrup, for example, in cornflakes.
  • PISANE™ pea protein combined with NASTAR™ pea starch results in a product with high protein content whilst keeping good expansion, even at high dosage.

So in collaboration with its clients COSUCRA has developed breakfast cereals rich in fibres and proteins, and yet again, ones that are low in sugars. An ideal start of the day!


PISANE™ C9 pea protein can bring very high-level protein and a well-balanced amino acid profile to pasta and noodles. The cooking time is short, with homogeneous absorption of water for ideal cooking behaviour. FIBRULINE™ chicory root fibre helps obtain instant noodles with a non-stick texture and no effect on taste and appearance.

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